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What New in IBM Cognos Express 10.2.2 (Clip by LPASystems)

Transform Budgeting Planning and Planning Webinar – 7/20/2015 from “Clear Insight FPM”

Connecting IBM Cognos BI 10.2.2 to Amazon Redshift

IBM Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler

Model, design, update and maintain enterprise-wide planning applications. For more information about Cognos Express and Cognos Business Intelligence, visit

6 minute end to end demo of Cognos 10.2.2

In just 6 minutes, we will cover the wide range of capabilities introduced in Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.2.

Introduction to Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFE) By LPASystems

Introduction to Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFE)  By LPASystems  Parts 1 + 2

Do you have data stored in a variety of different sources like TM1 and Cognos BI?   Would you like to explore and analyze this data in a familiar tool such as an Excel spreadsheet?

LPASystems, released 2 clips, Part one focsues mainly on new IBM licencing while part 2 focusess more on the new IBM CAFE

So I swaped the order and start with part 2,  if you iteretad in the lcencing see the clip below.

Part 2: Introduction to Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFE)

Part 1: Introduction to Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFE) (mainly Licencing )


IBM Cognos Insight – the Learning Series (Part II)

Part II from the post  Ask The Expert Series – What’s New In Ibm Cognos Insight, So some more  amazing Cognos Insight functionality

Part 1  (if you missed the older post) 

IBM Cognos Insight is a personal analytics solution that empowers users to independently explore, analyze, visualize and share data without relying on IT for assistance. In minutes, analysts and line-of-business managers can create and share custom applications, dashboards and visualizations to help

IBM Cognos Insight – LodestarSolution clip, What is new Cognos Insight 10.2.2

There are some issues with the sound however great clip for IBM Cognos insight  users who wish to upgrade Or join a great product

Ask the Expert Series – What’s New in IBM Cognos Insight

Ask the Expert Series – What’s New in IBM Cognos Insight